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Summer Family Fun that will Torch the Calories!

How can we have some fun with our kiddos summer while torching calories? It’s easier than you might think with my 3 W’s: Wheels – Get on wheels this summer! Rollerblade, skateboard, or go on a bike ride with your family. As long as it has … [Read more]

May 27th – Watch for a new episode of Meet the Powell Pack on!

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What’s In My . . . Fridge!

Ever wonder what the Powell Pack piles in their fridge? While this does change often, depending on what “kick” we are on or how long we are in town, this list and picture pretty much sums up our staple cold items. I bet you’re wondering if I … [Read more]

May 27th – Tune in to Good Morning Arizona about 8:45 am to catch Heidi live!

Tune in to Good Morning Arizona about 8:45 am to catch Heidi live! … [Read more]

May 28th – Catch Chris and Heidi live on Good Morning America Tuesday Morning

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Yummy Summer Strawberries ‘n Almond Creme

This delicious, light, and fruity dessert is the perfect way to indulge without overdoing it. An added bonus? It’s super quick and easy – just what us busy parents need! Here’s what you’ll need for 4 servings: ¼ C slivered almonds 2 C … [Read more] – Vacation Diet Ideas

Start the week right with my vacation diet ideas as shared on " Every Monday, Heidi Powell helps us start the week right with a tip for living a healthy and fit—but always fun—life with your family. Today, she shares tips … [Read more]

Meet the Powell Pack: Episode 3 “The Peeps”

Chris and Heidi reveal the growing community of "peeps" in their hometown. Episode 1  | Episode 2  |  Episode 3 | Episode 4 (coming next week!) … [Read more]

Fitness Fads: Fab or Flop?

Fitness fads. They are everywhere these days. You can’t turn on the tv late at night without being suckered into a new sales pitch on why some machine or method is the best fix for those pesky thighs and love handles. Some fads are quite fun and … [Read more]

May 28th – Season Premier of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC

Tune in to ABC on Tuesday evenings to catch the riveting transformations of 15 new contestants as they commit to losing weight over 1 year. … [Read more]